You are swimming and you are floating.

You are swimming. You are swimming but you are barely floating up above the water where the ocean meets the sky and you take a few breaths and you are under again. You are swimming. You are dreaming. You are in a dream, wondering if its real, you are awake, wondering if it is a dream. You stand alone in a crowd and you yell as loud as you can and no one can hear you because you are in a dream. You are still dreaming. You are dazed and you are confused and you are hopeless and you are helpless. You sing along with the music that doesn’t make any sense and you dance to the music that you don’t even like. You are dancing and you are singing and it doesn’t mean anything. You are dreaming once again and you are trying to not do what you are doing but when you wake up, you are still doing it. You are swimming. You are floating. You are dancing. You are singing. You are writing and the words, the words they don’t make any sense and your thoughts, they don’t mean anything or at least your are hoping they don’t. You are ending this with reluctance because you are working. You are working and your not really doing much but it’s work and it keeps your mind busy even though it doesn’t really. Your mind is wandering. Your mind is going places you never want it to go. But it keeps going there. And you are dreaming and you are floating.


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